Lead Nurturing Campaigns

Everybody wants to be in the right place at the right moment but this typically requires time-consuming follow-up phone calls that are difficult to keep up with and often become monotonous for both sides. As a result, it’s easy to neglect making those crucial calls. By the time you finally talk to certain prospects again, they may have already bought from a competitor because they forgot you even exist.

It’s a given that building customer relationships isn’t a one-time event, but an ongoing process. So, to keep you top-of-mind with your key prospects and clients, BuzzBuilder uses the built-in lead generation tools to launch an automated lead nurturing campaign for each individual. Think of it as "drip marketing on steroids." First, it helps you design personalized, conversational emails that people respond to much more than traditional mass emails that simply dispense information about your company. Then over the next several months, BuzzBuilder automatically emails each prospect on your behalf to strengthen the relationship and ensure you’ll never miss another opportunity. Because you’ll spend less time on follow up calls, you’ll have more time to generate new leads.

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Cold Email Templates

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