HotLead Alerts

Cold Calling is becoming more difficult than ever. On average, It takes at least 8 attempts to reach a key executive. But what if you could be notified the moment a prospect showed interest and was available to chat?

BuzzBuilder tracks all your email communications and will send you instant notifications whenever someone opens your messages, forwards them, visits your website or reads an attachment. It will even tell you whether the person read your email from a mobile device or a desktop computer. Statistics have shown that when Reps follow-up on these alerts within 5 minutes, they are 3X more likely to reach the decision maker and secure an appointment. BuzzBuilder users find they spend less time chasing prospects and more time engaged in conversations with them.

You'll also receive an email notification whenever key people leave their organization and deactivate their email address. Now you'll always have the most up-to-date contact names in your database!

You'll find that BuzzBuilder is a comprehensive lead tracking tool and is a must-have for all sales teams.

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