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By Matt O'Keefe

Meet Steve Gadlin. He appeared on the ABC reality show Shark Tank, where his small business received an investment from a billionaire and thousands of orders from TV viewers. His business? I Want To Draw A Cat For You. The orders? Crude cat drawings that cost almost $10 a pop. 

How did Steve sell 16,236 cat drawings for $9.95 apiece? Likability. His appearance on Shark Tank and the video on his perfectly demonstrates his family-friendly appeal.

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With new social media sites appearing almost daily, do you know where to invest your resources in 2014? Watch this recorded webinar and hear predictions from the top Social Media Consultants. We'll also share our favorite automation tools for monitoring and engaging people via social media. Ultimately, you'll discover new ways to build your brand and generate leads.

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In the days before dot coms (the dark ages) when we wanted to find a service provider, we'd open the Yellow Pages. Then Google came along and we'd search the web for potential vendors. Today, LinkedIn has become the place where we often search for resources.

Unless you've optimized your LinkedIn Profile, you might as well be hiding from your prospects because they won't find you. When people are looking for your type of solution, the secret to getting found is Keyword Stuffing. This is a little-known strategy where you "stuff" your profile with specific keywords that your prospects are searching for.

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LinkedIn recently introduced a new, little-known feature called Saved Searches. This feature allows you to search for specific types of contacts and save the search criteria. Then, LinkedIn will email you a weekly update with new contacts from your saved search.

If you set this up the right way, you'll get a steady stream of new leads every week from LinkedIn. Let's take a closer look at how this works.

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If you've tried advertising on sites like Google, you've probably seen how fast you can spend a ton of cash. That's why these traditional online ad sites aren't for me. 
My favorite marketing term is the word "free" and I'll share how to get free, or nearly free, advertising and branding on social media sites like LinkedIn and Facebook.
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Video has quickly become a mainstream medium for the internet. Just look at the popularity of sites like YouTube and you'll quickly realize that video could also be an effective lead generation tool for you.

Video is still an emerging tool for lead generation, but I predict that soon marketers will be sending out more videos than company newsletters or sales brochures. And as Google learns better ways to help people search for video content, videos will start to show up more frequently in search results--driving more traffic to your website.

The big question is: How can you use video as a lead generation tool?

First, I'd recommend that you put videos on YouTube and several pages of your company website. Then, get the word out through email and social media.

Here are a few considerations when creating your video:

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