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As sales and marketing pros, we usually don't get too caught up in the details. We prefer to focus on the big picture and the end results. But what opportunities are missed when we don't pay attention to certain nuances? 

We know that sales can be a game of inches and the wrong words could cost us the deal. I was recently in a coffee shop restroom and I saw a sign that read "Baby hanging Station." Someone had scratched off the letter "C" in the word "Changing" and suddenly it became "hanging." It was only a single letter but it created a whole new meaning. 

Think about some of the scenarios in sales where a single word could change the game. Here are a few examples:

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sta•tus no, noun

This refers to a prospect’s status quo to automatically say “no” or “not interested” to everything. Many executives use The Status No as a way to avoid any responsibility whatsoever and ensure that things never change (or improve) inside their company.


John, their VP of Inefficiency, hates getting calls from unknown people. I spoke to him today about purchasing Caller ID but he said he wasn’t interested. The Status No is strong with him.

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com•pul•sive ac•ro•nym dis•or•der, noun

An epidemic in the business world in which common phrases are turned into acronyms as a way to make the person sound cooler or hide the fact that they really don't have a clue.

Mild cases of CADs include the overuse of terms like ROI and ASAP, but can progress into an extreme use of acronyms like TTFN (Ta Ta For Now), TOTB (Think Outside The Box), and CA2O (Comparing Apples To Oranges).

People who suffer from CADs are usually impossible to understand and are often labeled as a SIM (Self-Important Moron).


Ted showed the client a way to TOTB to produce ROI ASAP. However, the client thought he was full of BS and said BFD. Ted’s career was TTFN.

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