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Do you know the best time of the day to cold call? Or how many cold calls you should make to a prospect before you give up? Did you know that Monday is actually NOT the worst day to prospect?

Here are 5 key statistics that will change the way you manage your prospecting activities:

Best Times To Cold Call

4:00 - 5:00 is best. The 2nd best time is 8:00 - 10:00. The worst times to cold call are 11:00am and 2:00pm.

Source: InsideSales.com and Kellogg School of Business

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Most salespeople dread the idea of cold calling so it can often help to send a pre-call letter or email. We have tested literally hundreds of different email formats--some with long copy and some with only 1 sentence. Here are 5 rules to think about when creating your pre-call email campaigns:

1. Avoid being self-promotional

You may think the purpose of a pre-call email is to educate the prospect about your company and services. It's not. Overly-promotional messages which simply sound like spam only serve to create anxiety for the prospect. Oftentimes the less you say about yourself the more a prospect wants to talk to you.

2. Create familiarity in the messages

Instead of telling a prospect about your company, tell him what you know about his company or industry. Do you know about a trend or current challenge? Are you working with similar companies? If so, let him know in the first sentence of your email.

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Last week, I got a call from a salesperson who had participated in a recent workshop of mine. He was telling me about a "hot" prospect he had met with over a month ago who had suddenly turned cold.

Here's the story. He had a great first meeting with the prospect. His solution was well-received and the prospect even had the budget to pay for it. After the meeting, the prospect told him to follow up in a few days. Early the following week, he followed up and left a voice mail for the prospect. He called again the next day and left another message. And another. Then he tried sending an email but was frustrated when there was still no response. Now a month has gone by and all he has gained is a better relationship with the prospect's voice mail system.

Every salesperson has had this happen countless times. You may have even learned to "beware of an easy prospect." But when a prospect stops responding to your follow-up efforts, what should you do? As a long-term strategy, I recommend creating a lead nurturing system. For the short term, here are a few other suggestions:

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