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In the days before dot coms (the dark ages) when we wanted to find a service provider, we'd open the Yellow Pages. Then Google came along and we'd search the web for potential vendors. Today, LinkedIn has become the place where we often search for resources.

Unless you've optimized your LinkedIn Profile, you might as well be hiding from your prospects because they won't find you. When people are looking for your type of solution, the secret to getting found is Keyword Stuffing. This is a little-known strategy where you "stuff" your profile with specific keywords that your prospects are searching for.

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If you've tried advertising on sites like Google, you've probably seen how fast you can spend a ton of cash. That's why these traditional online ad sites aren't for me. 
My favorite marketing term is the word "free" and I'll share how to get free, or nearly free, advertising and branding on social media sites like LinkedIn and Facebook.
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