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What are the hottest trends in marketing right now? This infographic shows you new data about content marketing, blogging, email marketing, automation, mobile marketing, social media and more.  Did you know that using video on your landing pages will increase conversion by 80%? Or that Pinterest could be a more profitable site for you than Facebook and Twitter combined?

Take a look the infographic and see what you're missing!

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No matter how long you've been in sales, these 20 statistics will change the way you sell. Discover little-known facts about top performers and learn how to become more effective and efficient in your sales process.

WARNING: People with a heart condition, weak stomach, or chronic ignorance should consult their doctor before reading.

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Lead Generation isn't just the marketing team's responsibility anymore. Today's top salespeople are using the latest strategies for social media, email marketing and lead nurturing to fill their pipeline and generate appointments. In this recorded webinar, you'll learn how to become your own "micro-marketer" and create a lead generation machine that delivers a steady flow of qualified leads to you.

How does your website stack up against others when it comes to content, landing pages and conversion? What generates the most leads? Here are our favorite website marketing statistics that will help you convert more visitors into customers.

Do you know the best time of the day to cold call? Or how many cold calls you should make to a prospect before you give up? Did you know that Monday is actually NOT the worst day to prospect?

Here are 5 key statistics that will change the way you manage your prospecting activities:

Best Times To Cold Call

4:00 - 5:00 is best. The 2nd best time is 8:00 - 10:00. The worst times to cold call are 11:00am and 2:00pm.

Source: InsideSales.com and Kellogg School of Business

Generating leads from your website can be an expensive and time-consuming task. As your marketing team passes leads to the sales team, what's your follow-up strategy? Here are a few tips for maximizing your web leads:

Follow Up In 5 Minutes

study by InsideSales.com found that salespeople who follow up on a web lead within 5 minutes are 900% more likely to convert it into an opportunity. Whatever your process is for passing leads to salespeople, keep this super-productive 5-minute window in mind. 

Most marketers focus on driving more visitors to their websites in an effort to build awareness of their products and services. But is this the best policy? Overall, corporate websites are often boring and usually don't do a good job of converting visitors into sales-ready leads.

When does it make sense NOT to drive them to your main website, but direct them elsewhere? The next time you create an email marketing campaign or invest in online advertising, think about new places you could send people other than the home page of your website. Here are a few examples:

Video has quickly become a mainstream medium for the internet. Just look at the popularity of sites like YouTube and you'll quickly realize that video could also be an effective lead generation tool for you.

Video is still an emerging tool for lead generation, but I predict that soon marketers will be sending out more videos than company newsletters or sales brochures. And as Google learns better ways to help people search for video content, videos will start to show up more frequently in search results--driving more traffic to your website.

The big question is: How can you use video as a lead generation tool?

First, I'd recommend that you put videos on YouTube and several pages of your company website. Then, get the word out through email and social media.

Here are a few considerations when creating your video:

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